Maintaining your landscape is essential to keep your property looking great year-round. With the change of seasons comes new challenges in managing and updating the yard, but it’s also an opportunity to create a unique look that complements each season. Here are ways to update your landscape from season to season.

Reasons to Update the Landscape

Maintaining a home’s landscaping is important for several reasons, from boosting curb appeal to protecting the environment. An attractive and well-maintained yard increases property value and aesthetic appeal; plus, you’ll enjoy spending time in your outdoor spaces.

Spring: Prune & Plant

Spring is the perfect time to prepare the lawn for the upcoming season. There are several tasks to keep your landscape looking its best.

Start by pruning trees, shrubs, and hedges in your yard. Pruning manages the size of plants and encourages new growth. You’ll keep your garden tidy and healthy by allowing sunlight to reach certain areas more easily than if it were overgrown. Fertilizing is another vital task for spring. Fertilizer provides nutrients so plants can thrive during the growing season. Another task, mulching around trees and flower beds, creates a barrier between soil and weather conditions which helps keep vegetation healthy throughout the year.

Summer: Maintain & Water

Summer is the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects you put off during the colder months. Taking care of your grass is a great place to start. Routinely mowing, aerating, and watering helps maintain a lush lawn throughout the season and into fall. Fertilize the grass every few weeks for optimal growth and health. Removing weeds from flower beds prevents them from spreading and keeps plants looking their best. Monitor your irrigation system or sprinklers regularly during the summer to ensure efficient watering occurs.

Update Your Landscape in Fall: Rake & Mulch

Autumn is an excellent time for landscaping to prepare the yard for the upcoming winter. Pruning trees and shrubs is an essential maintenance task for autumn. Remove broken, dead, or dying branches to keep the gutters clear and prevent damage caused by falling limbs during winter storms. Rake fallen leaves and debris from your lawn and mulch around flower beds to insulate soil during cold temperatures. Your plants will be better protected from colder weather and less likely to suffer frost damage.

Winter Landscaping Tasks: Protect & Clean

Cold weather and falling snow can create challenging conditions for landscaping, but there are a few critical tasks to keep outdoor spaces looking beautiful throughout the year. Winter weather can cause damage to trees and shrubs, so inspect them closely before the temperatures drop. If you didn’t prune in the fall, trimming weak branches will help avoid damage from falling limbs during snowfall or strong winds in winter. Add mulch around plants to protect them from severe weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and snow. Clear pathways regularly when the snow has fallen. You’ll improve safety and boost curb appeal.

Maintaining your landscaping helps boost property value and aesthetic appeal. You’ll take pride in your home by tackling the above tasks during the year. The lawn will be healthy and green, and landscaping plants and shrubs can thrive.

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