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Home Inspectors Are Not the Same

You Get What You Pay For I can’t speak for other home inspectors, but the reason you should hire me, and I mean no insult. I don’t care if you buy the property! You hire a home inspector to make you aware of the condition of the home not sell it to you. I am not a Realtor, that’s not a home inspector’s job. That’s why you should hire me as your home inspector. With over 43 years of experience building and repairing homes, and 11,000+ home inspections, you’ll benefit from my knowledge and support during your home buying experience.

Inspection Reports

Create a List of Home Inspection Repairs

Aztec Home Inspections delivers cutting-edge digital home inspection reports with a unique feature: the ability to seamlessly create a repair list. This innovative tool automatically compiles pictures and comments from the inspection report, offering a fabulous way to transfer crucial information about the home inspection.

Not only does this list prevent miscommunication, but it also proves invaluable for all parties involved, especially repair contractors. Watch our video How To Create Your Repair List” to see how quickly and easily you can create and edit a repair list from within your home inspection report.

Mike Donitizen

Premier Home Inspection Company

Aztec Home Inspections stands out as a premier home inspection company focused on customer service, evidenced by our Five Star Google Reviews! We are standing ready to deliver a meticulous, detailed, and informative home inspection. Your home inspection report will give you the essential details you need to make a well-informed decision when buying a home.

Meet your home inspector, Mike Donitzen, bringing an impressive 43 years of experience in home construction and remodeling. With a track record of inspecting over 11,000+ homes, Mike’s expertise ensures you receive the best home inspection and the  the highest level of protection throughout your homebuying journey.

Thermal Imaging

Certified Thermal Imaging &  Certified Mold Assessment FREE with Your Full Home Inspection!

Thermal imaging reveals hidden roof and plumbing leaks, water intrusion, and overheating electrical circuits and breakers. All of these items cannot be seen without the use of a thermal camera.

Roughly 51,000 house fires each year are caused by overheating electrical devices, and approximately 500 deaths are attributed to electrical fires. Hiring a home inspector who scans your electrical system with a thermal camera just makes sense.

Licensed Home Inspector

Your home inspector, Mike Donitzen, has over 43 years of experience in home construction and remodeling, and has inspected 11,000+ homes. A home inspector with home construction experience gives you the best home inspection and the highest level of protection.

Highly Rated

We are a highly rated home inspection company. We have earned this reputation by providing quality, unbiased home inspections, and excellent customer service, and our Five Star Google reviews show it!

Fast Turnaround

Aztec Home Inspections reviews their findings onsite and 99% of our home inspection reports are delivered before we leave the property.

Professional Home Inspections

Radon & Mold Testing

Featured Services

  • Buyers Home Inspection
  • Certified Mold Assessments
  • Pre-Drywall
  • 11-Month Builders Warranty

… and more!

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Home Inspections

Comprehensive evaluation of your home, from the foundation to the roof.

Radon Testing

Every home should be tested for high radon levels to keep the occupants safe.

Mold Assessment & Mold Testing

Non-invasive Certified Mold Assessments and testing to meet Virginia Code 55.1-703.

What Our Customers are Saying

Based on 245 reviews
Lorraine Qualle
Lorraine Qualle
We have had many different homes and different home inspectors in our lifetime. Mike was by far the most thorough and most personable inspector that we have ever dealt with. He was focused on doing a thorough inspection of the property but was always willing to answer questions and point things out to us along the way. After the inspection he explained a lot of things to us and answered any additional questions we still had. The next morning there was a full inspection report in my email inbox with detailed pictures and explanations and color coded items. We highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs an inspector with a construction background, a professional attitude and a lot of pride in his work.
hugh aucella
hugh aucella
Mike beat all my expectations, and made my home building experience stress free. He showed up for all the inspections on time, made detailed reports for me, and kept me in the loop throughout the entire processes. Super happy and highly recommend!
david cash
david cash
Highly recommend them for your business. Michael was absolutely great, we stayed with him the whole time and he explained everything to us. He was very knowledgeable and gave his recommendations and took time doing his job.
Anita Francis
Anita Francis
I would definitely recommend Aztec Home Inspections Inc. Mike was very thorough and he answered all of my questions before, during and after the inspection. I did the walk through with him and he took the time to explain everything he was doing and what he found. After the inspection, Mike provided a very detailed summary report complete with videos that clearly identified all of the areas of concern. Also, the price was the best of the quotes I received and was definitely worth the money.
nathan kauffman
nathan kauffman
Mike’s inspection saved us $22,000 and helped us get multiple roof leaks fixed — which he detected in the middle of a drought! When I got in the car after the inspection, my first words were “that was the best $600 I’ve spent in my entire life,” and I stand by that 100%. We knew the house wasn’t perfect, but not only did Mike give us tools for price negotiation, he also gave us an excellent, prioritized list of repairs to make once we take possession that I’m certain will save us time and expense. If you’re a buyer (or even just a homeowner who wants a full assessment on what you can do to protect your investment), this is the guy you want. If you’re a seller: beware, he’s good! :)
Greg Dudley
Greg Dudley
Mike's report had the most detail of any home inspection service I've used. I'm very happy with his service.
Ronnie Barber
Ronnie Barber
Mike does an awesome job,very Thorough and knowledgeable ..would recommend 100%
Donald Osteen
Donald Osteen
Very detailed and informative.
Courtney S
Courtney S
I cannot speak highly enough of this company and have recommended the inspector, Mike, to everyone. He is thorough, knowledgeable and explains everything in a way even I can understand while not making me feel ignorant, even though I am about home repair. His reports are clear, easy to understand and access, and have detailed information and pictures. He's done my home inspection (actually, more than one during my purchasing process) and a mold inspection after a recent leak. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend him!
JC Johns
JC Johns
I am in the middle of purchasing a home, I think. I am new to the area and selected Aztec Home Inspections based on the number of high ratings on Google reviews and am glad I did so. Mike is clearly well experienced, has up-to-date technology and is educated on providing a thorough inspection and follow up information. With the report I knew the areas of concern of the home, as well as what works well in the home. I have called Mike multiple times to ask questions about the report, if he is not available immediately, he calls back shortly and give clear answers to my questions. Perhaps the home purchase will go through, perhaps it won't, it depends on the seller working with me to tackle some of the issues with this home. I can say that Aztecs Inspection alerted me to issues that I need to be concerned about so I can effectively communicate those issues to the owner to hopefully come to a mutually agreeable conclusion.