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Years ago, home inspections were documented with a pen and if you were lucky carbon-less paper. The report consisted of check boxes and two word common phrases like “peeling paint”. Paper home inspection reports have very little writing space and additional issue descriptions rarely happened. Bad hand writing and wet paper made reading them a challenge, if the inspector made additional comments at all!  Your ability to decipher the home inspectors hand writing was challenged. Believe it or not. This style of home inspection report writing still exists and you are left with filling in the blanks. Attempting to read and comprehend any additional comments made by the home inspector, can be difficult. Transferring is an additional challenge. In today’s fast pace of real estate immediate delivery is expected. The paper, hand written report must be scanned and converted for e-mail capability, sent by fax, now there is a reading challenge, or transferred via sail mail.

Today, paper home inspection reports are being replaced by digital smart phone compatible apps. Full color digital photographs, videos in the report. HTML (website format). E-mailed from the inspection site. Typed not hand written. Repair lists created from the inspection report. Delivering a higher quality home inspection report to the home buyer. A home inspection report that is easier to read and transfer for the fast pace of today’s real estate market.

Please note: Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive report available. We are constantaly updating and refining our report. This is a sample and the actual report layout is subject to change without notice.

Aztec Home Inspections Inc Sample Home Inspection Report

How To Get Your Home Inspection Report

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How To Create Your Inspection Repair List

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Aztec Home Inspections Inc Delivers Your Home Inspection Report Before Leavening The Property

Your home inspection report is loaded to the internet immediately after the inspection. You and your agent or other party chosen by you receives an instant e-mail with access to the home inspection report. No waiting, 24 to 48 hours to read the report and stress about responding to the seller. Delivery to someone else like Uncle Bob the contractor in Florida is quick and painless. In fact, all you need is his e-mail address. Just like forwarding an e-mail. Hit the FORWARD BUTTON. Add the e-mail address. Hit send. Done. Uncle Bob just received a complete copy (including pictures and videos) of the home inspection report.

Aztec Home Inspections Inc Home Inspection Report Creates A Repair List

Aztec Home Inspections Inc, home inspection report includes the ability to create a repair list. It automatically populates pictures and home inspector comments from the home inspection report and is a fabulous way to transfer information about the home inspection. This list helps avoid miscommunication and assists repair contractors. Watch the YouTube video above (How To Create Your Repair List) to see how quick you can create and edit a repair list from the home inspection report.

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