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Hey there, I’m Mike “Dee” Donitzen.

At Aztec Home Inspections, we’re not just about ticking off boxes; we’re about delivering thorough, honest evaluations of your home. I firmly believe in calling it as I see it, no sugar-coating or hidden agendas. I’d rather be known for integrity than helping a real estate agent make their next sale. So, buckle up for a genuine, transparent inspection experience that puts your best interests first.

Welcome to Aztec Home Inspections!

Mike Donitizen
Mike Donitzen

Unparalleled Excellence in Home Inspections

At Aztec Home Inspections, our dedication to excellence speaks volumes. Boasting a pristine 5-star rating on Google and BBB, we’ve earned the distinction of being the most reviewed home inspection company in the Shenandoah Valley. But it’s not just about the accolades; it’s about the commitment to our clients.

I firmly believe that a home inspector’s role extends beyond identifying major deficiencies. It’s about empowering you to safeguard your investment. Our inspection reports not only pinpoint issues but also include meticulous documentation on maintenance and potential upgrades.

To enhance your understanding and preparedness, each inspection comes with a 60-page interactive home maintenance manual, crafted personally by yours truly. It’s not just about a checklist; it’s a comprehensive guide to help you protect your home.

Certified Master Inspector

Certified Master Inspector and Mold Assessor

With over 43 years of experience building and repairing homes, and over 11,000+ completed home inspections, you’ll benefit from my knowledge and support during your home inspection.

Home inspectors in Virginia are not required to have direct home building experience or tell you about the home’s maintenance needs. This can leave the homebuyer lacking crucial information about the property!

One area I’m particularly passionate about is mold detection. The VA Home Inspection Standards don’t mandate reporting mold, even if spotted during an inspection. That’s why I make it my mission to educate clients about the importance of mold awareness. Be cautious, be informed, and let’s make sure your home is a healthy haven.