When you are selling a home, the first impression that a prospective buyer gets comes from the exterior. Even if you have a gorgeous interior that you’ve worked hard to update, an exterior that looks run-down and poorly cared for will be less than appealing to a potential buyer. Here are a few ways to improve curb appeal and boost property value.

Improve the Entrance to Boost Curb Appeal

When someone comes for a viewing or open house, they enter through the front door. Remedy issues like a scuffed door or a weathered, stained doormat to improve curb appeal. Replace your doormat with a new one, and consider painting your door a bold, new color. If the door knocker is worn or the doorbell is not working, replace them before listing.

Invest in the Landscaping

Landscaping and tree maintenance improve curb appeal and boost the safety of your property. Trees with limbs hanging over the roof could cause damage in a storm. If you don’t have time to tackle landscaping tasks, hire a professional to complete the work. A landscaping company will prune shrubs and trees, edge garden beds, and add mulch around trees for a polished and well-maintained appearance.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Add attractive lighting to enhance your outdoor spaces after dark. Landscape lighting makes your property safer after dark, highlights architectural features of the house, and allows you to enjoy the deck and patio after the sun sets. When selecting fixtures, choose various lighting types like LED walkway lights, string lights, and spotlights.

Install a New Mailbox to Improve Curb Appeal

Mailboxes are only a minor feature outside of your home, but a box that is dirty, scuffed, and dented makes a terrible first impression. To improve curb appeal, replace the old mailbox with a new one. Add your street numbers to the box and plant flowers around the post.

Update or Add Fencing

Fences add value to a house, as they define the property line and provide privacy from neighbors. However, a poorly-maintained fence can decrease value. To improve curb appeal, repair damage to your fence and replace missing boards. If you have a metal or iron fence, remove rust. For a wooden fence, apply a new coat of stain or paint to make it look new.

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