When it comes to our family and our household, safety is a top priority. Your home should be where you and your family feel secure and protected. Here are 7 home safety essentials a homeowner can have on hand to feel prepared for an emergency. These items mitigate various risks, from fire to injury to burglary.

Safety Essentials for Your Home

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a first defense against a deadly threat: house fire. Install smoke detectors in every bedroom, outside sleeping areas, and on each level of your home. Test your devices regularly, keep them clean and unobstructed, and replace their batteries at least once yearly to keep them functioning well.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher helps you put out a small fire before it becomes unmanageable. Place fire extinguishers in key areas like the kitchen, garage, and near fireplaces. Teach your family members how to use them properly. P.A.S.S. is a helpful acronym for fire extinguisher use. Pull the pin. Aim the device at the base of the fire. Squeeze the trigger. Sweep the extinguisher from side to side.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Home Safety

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that poses a threat to your family members. Install CO detectors on each floor of your home and near sleeping areas. If a device sounds, evacuate the house and call the fire department.

Secure Entry Points with Deadbolts

Reinforce your doors and windows with high-quality locks and deadbolts. A deadbolt lock is strong and secure because it extends deep into the door frame. You might also install security film on windows to make them more resistant to break-ins. Sliding glass doors can be especially vulnerable, so use bars or dowels to prevent them from being forced open.

Home Safety Essentials: First Aid Kit

Accidents and injuries can happen anytime, and having a well-equipped first aid kit will help you manage the situation. Whether it’s a cut, burn, bee sting, or a more serious medical issue, a properly stocked first aid kit provides the tools and supplies needed to administer immediate care.


Flashlights are important safety essentials to have in your home. During a power outage, flashlights allow you to navigate your house safely. A flashlight will also provide a sense of security to children. Have a flashlight for each family member and ensure everyone knows where to find them if the power goes out.

Childproofing Gear

If you have young children, childproofing your home is essential. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, cover electrical outlets, and secure heavy furniture to prevent tip-overs. Keep hazardous substances out of reach and locked away, securing cabinets and drawers with childproof locks.

Your home is your sanctuary, so prioritize protecting your loved ones from various household hazards. Safety is an ongoing process, so stay vigilant, educate your family, and work to keep your home secure.

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