If you don’t monitor babies and toddlers closely, their curiosity can put them at risk of injury. Fortunately, you can protect them from harm by following these tips to babyproof your home.

Cover Electrical Outlets to Babyproof Your Home

Install covers on electrical outlets to protect your baby from getting shocked. A screw-on cover is the best option as it covers the entire outlet plate. Clever toddlers can learn how to remove the small push-in outlet covers, and these are a choking hazard if they get into your child’s mouth.

Good babyproof covers feature a sliding safety latch that makes the outlet difficult to access. For extra protection, rearrange furniture to keep outlets hidden.

Keep Harmful Chemicals Out of Reach

Some household chemicals, like cleaning products, have strong scents and brightly colored packaging that may catch the attention of a curious child. Everyday items like spray cleaners, gardening supplies, medication, and paint are harmful if ingested.

To prevent children from accessing these products, place them out of reach on high shelves or lock the cabinets. You can find babyproof cabinet locks that attach to the cabinet doors with screws and keep the door safely closed.

Secure Furniture to Babyproof Your Home

Babies learn to stand by using nearby objects to pull themselves up. When trying to stand up, objects that aren’t secure can topple over and cause injury.

Use straps to anchor heavy furniture like TVs, dressers, and bookshelves to the walls. Some objects like floor lamps are difficult to stabilize and it may be best to store them out of your child’s reach while they are learning to walk. For additional protection, attach foam bumpers on any furniture with hard edges or sharp corners.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Unplug any appliance when it’s not in use. Tuck the cord away so your infant won’t be tempted to play and tug on it. Making an effort to unplug appliances and electronics will help keep your baby safe and lower the utility bill.

Toy Safety

Make sure the toys in your home are safe for small children. They shouldn’t have small parts or pieces that might detach and become a choking hazard.

Store your baby’s toys in a child-safe toy box. Don’t use furniture with a heavy hinged lid that can slam closed; these can cause injury. Instead, look for a toy box with a lightweight, detachable top or a slide-off lid design.

Block Access to Stairways to Babyproof Your Home

Secure the stairs in your home to prevent falls. Set up safety gates to prevent your child from accessing stairs. For maximum protection, install baby gates at both the top and bottom of all the stairways in your home.

Prevent Window Falls

Make your home safer by positioning your child’s crib or bed away from windows. Also, make sure your child can’t reach windows that are easy to open. Keep windows in your home locked to keep children safely inside.

Babyproofing your home is necessary to create a safe and secure environment. Crawling babies and toddlers are curious and love to explore. Follow these simple tips to keep them out of harm’s way.

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