Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s critical that you order a home inspection. These reports are put together by a professional inspector to help inform the buyer or seller about any problems with the property. To help you understand the findings in your home inspection report, let’s look at three important systems that will be included.

Your Home Inspection Report Discusses Plumbing

One potentially expensive problem with a property is an issue with the home’s plumbing system. By the time a plumbing problem becomes obvious, it’s likely already a bad situation.

Leaks and burst pipes can lead to flooding, water damage, and mold growth. A home inspector will detail any problems and concerns in the inspection report. Learning about plumbing issues through an inspection gives the buyer or seller a good idea about any work that is needed to keep the home safe.

Roofing in Your Home Inspection Report

Unless you’re a roofer, it can be difficult to spot a worn-out or damaged roof from the ground. Your inspector will inspect the roofing and the attic for signs of water damage, aging, and other issues.

It’s important to know what shape the roof is in before you buy or sell a home because replacing the roof costs thousands of dollars. A home inspection report will give an overall evaluation of the roofing system along with an estimate of how long the existing roof is expected to last.

Cracked Foundation

Another major concern that a professional inspector will look for is a compromised foundation. Cracks caused by normal settling aren’t always an issue, but large cracks may indicate potentially expensive problems.

Not only will a home inspection report document where cracks are located, but the inspector will also indicate the severity of the issue. Pay special attention to this section of the report because a problem with the foundation can make a home unsafe to live in and is often costly to repair.

There are many important things to look for in your home inspection report. Along with the items listed above, your inspector will also provide information about the electrical system, HVAC unit, and other areas of the home.

Talk to the inspector or your real estate agent to better understand the inspection report. With the information provided by your home inspector, you will be better equipped to move into the next steps of the home buying or selling process.

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