You don’t want to make a big investment in a home without knowing the condition of the property. This is why it is important for homebuyers to order a home inspection. Have a professional inspector assess the property before you close on the transaction. There are many benefits to this step in the process.

Order a Home Inspection to Find Out About Expensive Repairs

The house you have your eye on might look perfect during a walkthrough, but an assessment from a professional inspector can reveal otherwise. It is common for there to be small issues with any home. However, some large issues can be quite costly to fix. You may think you are buying a home within your budget, but if you don’t order a home inspection the home could end up costing you more than you can afford.

Make the Offer Contingent on an Inspection

You and your real estate agent will come up with an offer to submit to the seller. When writing up the paperwork, the agent will usually make the offer contingent on a home inspection. This gives the buyer flexibility based on the results of the home inspection report. Without a home inspection, there’s no flexibility after the offer is accepted.

Use the Inspection Report During Negotiations

If the inspection report shows serious problems that are expensive to fix, go back to the negotiation table with the seller. The home inspection contingency in your offer lets you ask the seller to fix the issue, request a lower list price, or cancel the deal altogether.

Of course, it is preferable to come to an agreement with the seller because you have already invested time and money in the whole process. However, in certain situations where an agreement cannot be reached, the deal may fall through entirely but you’ll be protected from a poor investment.

Order a Home Inspection to Have Peace of Mind That the House is in Good Condition

The best-case scenario is that no serious problems are found in the home inspection and the transaction goes through smoothly. In this case, you benefit by knowing the house you’re buying is a good investment in great condition. You can easily plan for future maintenance knowing that there are no significant repairs or safety concerns that need to be addressed.

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