Deck and Patio Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces are perfect spots for grilling, relaxing, or hosting guests. A few updates to the design of the deck, porch, or patio make it more welcoming and comfortable. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your deck or patio.

Upgrade Your Deck or Patio With an Outdoor Bar

Install a beverage station that will turn your patio into the perfect spot for outdoor entertainment. Use a sturdy cart or add shelving with sufficient space for storing your glassware. Add a mini-fridge and cabinets to hold beverages and other accessories.

Build a Classic Pergola

A pergola provides partial shade on the deck. It turns your wood deck or stone patio into an enclosed space. The pergola features wood beams and lattice set on wooden columns. The slats provide shade during peak daylight hours while still maintaining an open feel. Hire a professional to add a pergola to your deck or courtyard or you can choose to do it yourself with a kit. Pergola kits are available online or at your local home improvement store.

Repaint the Deck

A fresh coat of paint or stain gives your deck a new look. It also helps to protect the decking materials from rot, mold, and water damage. Before staining or painting the deck, replace any boards that are warped or rotting. To get started, sand and power wash the area. This will remove any splinters and prepare the wood for a smooth application.

Use Outdoor Furniture to Upgrade Your Deck or Patio

Outdoor furniture on your patio is practical and sets the mood for relaxation. There are many different styles and materials available. Choose a patio set that complements your home and that suits your personal style. Cast iron furniture is heavy and great for windy areas as it won’t blow away. Wicker furniture is attractive and lightweight but can mold in damp or humid locations. You can also find wooden and plastic patio furniture that may suit your needs.

If you already have furniture, soften the seating areas with pillows. Accent pillows made from outdoor fabric can be purchased in home goods stores. These are usually sewn from UV-resistant fabrics and will withstand the rain and sun.

Add a Grilling Area

Outdoor kitchens and grilling areas are popular, especially if you entertain guests regularly. The perfect cooking area should be large enough to accommodate a standard grill. Make a grilling station by building shelving to hold plates, cooking supplies, and grilling utensils.

Include a Container Garden

A deck is a perfect spot to set up planters with vegetables, flowers, or kitchen herbs. Pay attention to the amount of sunlight your outdoor spaces receive so you can choose the best plants for the area. Create a container garden of herbs you can use for cooking, hang baskets of vining plants from your pergola, or install trellises and plant climbing roses to boost privacy around the area.

Updating your deck is the perfect way to make your outdoor living spaces more inviting. Be creative and use these ideas to personalize the patio or deck and enjoy the summer season outdoors.

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