As the weather warms up with many of us stuck at home, it’s a great time for a thorough spring cleaning. Make a checklist to help you stay organized during the process so you don’t miss any areas. Here are a few places that are often overlooked when spring cleaning your home.

1. Spring Cleaning the Sofas

When we think of vacuuming, we concentrate on the floors, carpets, and stairs. But a lot of dirt and debris also accumulate on the sofas. Using the vacuum, focus on your upholstery, making sure you get into the crevices and beneath cushions. Move the sofa away from the wall to clean behind and underneath it.

2. Spring Cleaning Includes Degreasing the Stove

If you enjoy home-cooked meals, keeping your stove clean will help extend its life expectancy. Use a scrubber and detergent and wipe down your stove. You may need to detach the burners and remove the drip pans. Clean or replace the pans and remove any debris beneath them. Also, be sure to clean the wall behind the stove. With moisture from cooking and food spills, mold can begin to grow there if left unchecked.

3. Cleaning All Household Appliances

In our daily cleaning routines, we don’t often go to the trouble of moving appliances to scrub behind them. Even if you occasionally vacuum the area, dirt builds up over time. To thoroughly spring clean, use a hand truck to pull the appliance away from the wall. Vacuum the space and then use a mop or sponge to clean the exposed floor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the back of the appliances before putting them back in place.

4. Checking the Smoke Alarm During Spring Cleaning

Part of spring cleaning should be to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working condition. Test the devices monthly. If it doesn’t sound, replace the batteries. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to change the batteries in all detectors in your home. Also, check the ‘replace by’ sticker to see if it is time to replace your device. Most smoke detectors last up to 10 years before needing a replacement.

5. Cleaning the Doors and Window Frames

Door and window frames are some of the most neglected areas in our homes. When spring cleaning, you’ll wipe down the windows and disinfect doorknobs, but also remember to clean the window and door frames. They accumulate a lot of dust over time. Grab a step-stool and a bottle of spray cleaner. Using a microfiber rag to trap the dust, wipe down the tops of the frames.

These are some of the areas we often miss when housecleaning. Use this as a guide to help you stay on track this spring.

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