Six Tips To Keep You Warm And Save Money

  1. The windows of older homes can be very drafty and if you, like many do not intend on opening them during the winter, purchase window kits and seal them up until summer.  3M and Frost King make a clear plastic film that can be installed and shrunk with a hair dryer. Replacing damaged and missing weather stripping around your windows and exterior doors is another great way to reduce heating bills.
  1. Exterior caulking serves not only to keep moisture out, it prevent drafts too. Inspect the caulking/sealant around the exterior of your windows and doors. If the caulking is cracked make repairs as soon as possible, this inexpensive repair will reduce heating costs and protect your home against moisture damage.
  1. Check your attic access, scuttle opens, pull down stairs and doors. Ensure there is insulation on top of them and there are no gaps that will allow heat to escape. If you have a door to your attic add weather stripping to the inside door jamb and a door sweep to the bottom of the door.
  1. Set your thermostat to save you money. Believe it or not mine is set at 66 degrees and we find it to comfortable. Start by dropping the thermostat setting one degree per day until you reach at least 68 degrees. By reducing the temperature by one degree, you could reduce your heating bill by three percent.
  1. Maintain your heating and cooling system and change you filter regularly. Yearly maintenance on your HVAC system keeps it operating a peak performance and helps avoid emergency break downs. Clogged or dirty air filters causes your system to work harder and run longer. Shorten its life expectancy and increasing your utility bills.
  1. Lower the temperature on your water heater to a setting that is comfortable. Remember our normal body temperature is 98.6, so the water feel hot at 105 degrees and 155 degree water can cause first degree burns. If you water heater thermostat does not have a numbered setting, set it to the lowest setting and check the temperature at the faucet the next day. Be sure to allow the water to run long enough to push the colder water from the lines. Never adjust the thermostat of an electric water heater with the power on.

What are you waiting for! Do it now, you have nothing to lose and money to gain.