As a homebuyer, it’s your responsibility to make sure you do not buy a home with structural problems. After all, a home is one of your most significant investments and that’s why you should choose your home inspector carefully. Hiring an experienced home inspection company like Aztec Home Inspections Inc to assist you during your home purchase is the first step in protecting your interest. Here are a few signs of possible structural problems that you can use during showings to determine if moving forward with a home purchase contract is the right move.

Are Sagging Floors Signs of Structural Problems?

Sagging floors are not always signs of structural problems. If the floor joists are damaged or not adequately supported, they will start to sag over time and that is a structural support problem. Warped or sagging floors could be due to water damage, poor construction, or rotting floor supports. But, sagging floors can be due to the age of the property and are most often not a structural problem, it’s an age problem. Have a professional assess the floors and the condition of the joists to determine the best course of action.

Doors and Windows that are Difficult to Open

Doors and windows that stick or are difficult to open and close can be but are not always a result of structural issues with your home. These openings are weaker spots in the walls but are not necessarily the first to show signs of a problem. Foundation settling is a common cause of difficult-to-open windows and doors, yet foundation settling is also a common occurrence and does not always mean there is a structural issue.

As the home settles, heats up, or cools down, it can cause doors and windows to become misaligned. If the doors and windows are difficult to open, check for loose door hinges and swollen window frames first, then check for associated wall cracks and dips in the floor below the door or window. If there is no dip in the floor, adjust the doors and windows, check for damage to the frame and ensure the hinges are secure.

If there is still a problem, it’s best to have a professional like Aztec Home Inspections evaluate the home and determine the possible cause of the issue and recommend some repairs.