Summer might seem like the best time to move into a new house, but relocating in the winter may be necessary. You may be moving for a job or because you have finally found your dream home. Moving when it’s cold out might not be ideal, but with a few tips and tricks you can reduce stress and make your wintertime move go smoothly.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Pay attention to weather forecasts and plan ahead. If you have lawn furniture or children’s play structures in the yard, take time when the weather is mild to disassemble these items and pack them up. You don’t want to have to deal with collecting yard decor or gardening items in the snow.

If you’re expecting snow or ice, have ice melt on hand for your driveway, front stairs, and walkways. Purchase a few inexpensive tarps to protect carpets from moisture that will be tracked in.

Cardboard boxes can fall apart when wet. Don’t stack cardboard boxes of belongings on the porch while you wait on the moving truck. Even a few snowflakes will begin to degrade the strength of the cardboard. If your moving boxes have gotten damp, pick them up from the bottom. Plastic bins are a great alternative for cardboard boxes when moving in the winter.

Board Your Pets

An excited dog or stressed cat can be a source of concern when it’s time to move. The door will be opening frequently and a pet might escape in the flurry of activity. Board your pets during the move. You’ll have one less worry and your pet can get familiar with the new home after you are settled in.

Have Towels on Hand

In snowy weather, your belongings will get wet. Keep towels nearby so you can quickly dry your antique headboard or the dining room table that belonged to your grandmother. Use towels or a blanket to cover the television if you’re moving in wet weather.

Gloves, Hats, and Socks are Helpful for Relocating in the Winter

Working in cold, wet weather almost guarantees you will need several pairs of gloves, an extra hat, and a pair of dry socks. Waterproof boots, warm jackets, and layered clothing are essential for staying comfortable. When planning to move in the winter, gather a box of cold-weather gear to help keep you and your family warm and dry.

A Crockpot Comes in Handy

Whether you’re packing the moving truck or unloading it at your new home, having warm soup in the crockpot will keep all of your moving helpers happy. When it’s freezing outside, a cup of soup will help fight the chill. Prepare chili, hot cocoa, soup, or cider and allow for frequent breaks to enjoy the warmth.

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