In nature, mold helps with the decomposition of organic materials. In the home, it can cause stains, damage to building materials and belongings, and respiratory symptoms. Mold most often occurs when you have water intrusion, a plumbing leak, or a roof leak. Poor HVAC maintenance can also lead to mold. Use these tips to prevent mold growth in the home.

How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Home

Remove the water immediately, evaluate your home for water intrusion and plumbing leaks every month, have your HVAC system professionally cleaned twice a year, and clean and check your gutters. If you have a water event dry the area with fans right away.

Use Ventilation Fans

Like opening the windows, using ventilation fans in your home can also help prevent mold growth. When you shower or if you’re preparing a meal on the stove, turn on the ventilation fans to draw moist air and odors out of the home. In the bathroom, leave the fan on for 20 minutes after you’re finished bathing to help move humid air outdoors.

Dry Surfaces to Prevent Mold Growth in the Home

Preventing mold is as simple as keeping surfaces dry. Damp areas provide the right environment for mold to grow and spread. Whether you have spilled water on the rug or have a leaking basement, dry the surfaces in your home quickly and thoroughly. In cases of serious water damage, hire a restoration expert and mold expert to help you tackle the water damage and resulting mold growth.

Hang Damp Clothes Outdoors

Avoid hanging clothes inside the house to dry. Piles of damp towels or swimsuits contribute to humidity in the air and the fabrics may begin to mold. Instead of hanging things to dry indoors, drape them on the clothesline outside. This sun and breeze will dry your clothing without heating up your home and increasing your power bill.

Keep a Clean House

A regular cleaning routine will help prevent mold growth in your home. Dust every week and vacuum carpets and rugs at least twice each week. Have your carpets professionally cleaned every year. Keeping surfaces clean will prevent mold from settling and spreading.

Prevent Mold Growth by Repairing Leaks

Even a minor leak will add moisture to the environment. If you notice a plumbing leak, make repairs as soon as possible. Mold can begin to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Call a professional plumber to assess the situation and stop the leak.

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