Tools Homeowners Need

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have been living in your house for years, there are some must-have tools for every property owner. Between minor repairs and DIY projects, it’s good to have the right equipment to maintain your home. These basic tools are inexpensive, readily available, and should be part of every homeowner’s toolbox.

Stud Finder

To save yourself headaches and unnecessary holes in the wall, it’s important to locate the framing studs when you’re hanging pictures, shelves, or cabinets. Securing a nail or screw into a stud gives you a more secure attachment point. If you hang something directly into the drywall, be sure to use a wall anchor. Even with the anchor, the drywall doesn’t offer as much support as drilling directly into the stud.

Hammers are Must-Have Tools

Very few DIY projects can be completed without a hammer. You’ll want to have at least one good, sturdy hammer in your tool kit. There are several types of hammers available, but a basic claw hammer is a great multi-purpose tool. Try out the weight and grip of several hammers at the local hardware store to find your perfect fit.

Measuring Tape is One of the Must-Have Tools

A measuring tape frequently comes in handy for a homeowner. You’ll be able to determine the available space when buying new appliances and you can figure out the area in which your furniture will fit. A measuring tape will also help you mark positions for picture frames so that you can space them evenly. Keep a measuring tape in your toolbox. You’ll find yourself using it around the home often.


Bubble or laser levels are great tools for your toolbox. You may even have a leveling app on your smartphone. If you are hanging artwork or shelving, it’s important to make sure it’s level. Crooked shelves and artwork look sloppy and distracting. Use your level to make sure they are installed evenly and correctly on the wall.

Purchase these basic, must-have tools and you’ll be ready to handle basic repairs and improvements around your house. You can tackle DIY projects and enjoy the satisfaction of doing them yourself.

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