You want to keep your home, family, and belongings safe and protected. Make your property less appealing to burglars and improve home security using these tips.

Use Lighting to Improve Home Security

A well-lit yard may deter burglars. Add solar-powered pathway lights that come on at dusk. Install outdoor flood lights that turn on automatically when they detect movement. Anyone creeping around your yard is likely to get startled and flee when a light suddenly turns on.

Another good practice is to use timers on indoor lights. This creates the appearance that someone is home when you’re actually out of the house.

Install Better Locks

If your home doesn’t already have them, install deadbolt locks. Deadbolts are comprised of stronger materials and they extend further into the doorframe.

Make sure that your windows have sturdy locks, too. This makes it harder for burglars to use them as a point of entry. Sliding glass patio doors should lock and have a security bar.

Improve Home Security With an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is one of the most effective ways to improve home security. Burglars won’t spend time inside a home with an alarm sounding. They know the police have been dispatched when the system has been activated.

In many areas, installing a security system can get you a discount on your homeowners insurance policy.

Use Shrubs and Hedges

As you work to improve home security, look at the bushes and shrubs around your home. While overgrown bushes can provide thieves with a place to hide, thorny shrubs around windows can deter criminals from trying to climb in. Plants with sharp thorns can make an effective barrier to entry.

Don’t Provide Tools to Burglars

Don’t leave anything in the yard that a burglar might use to break into your home. Put away all garden and home improvement tools in a locked shed. These include items like:

  • Garden tools
  • Tree trimmers
  • Shovels
  • Ladders

Other Ways to Improve Home Security

Many homeowners use tactics to lead a burglar to believe that someone is home. Leave a car in the driveway when you go out of town. Have a neighbor collect mail while you’re away. Use timers to control lamps, the radio, and the television. Smart technology is available that will allow you to operate lighting, blinds, and some appliances from your mobile device.

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