What do HVAC Filters do?

The purpose of HVAC filters in your heating and cooling system is more than just cleaning the air so we breathe better. Its purpose is also to keep the coil (much like a car radiator) clean so the unit works to its full potential and highest efficiency.

Dirty filters like the one in the picture make your system work longer and harder. They reduce life expectancy, increase heating bills, and may cause a fire.

This filter is so dirty that the fan motor sucked the filter in against the fan cage and fan blades, which could damage the fan and potentially cause a fire. This could have been a disaster. Fortunately, it wasn’t. A good cleaning, a service call, a new filter, and it’s good to go.

Why You Should Care

If you think you have no worries because you have a gas heating unit, think again. If you have central air (this is a gas unit with central air), then you have the same concern. A low-grade filter costs less than $1.00, more expensive ones like HEPA filters can cost upwards of $5.00 each, but that is still only $60.00 a year. My family is worth it. Is yours?

Change disposable filters every thirty days and clean washable ones every two months. If you have a system like mine, it requires a new filter every six months and costs $100.00, but yes, my family is worth it.

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