The garage is sometimes overlooked as a useful storage space in a home. We often think of it as a place to park cars, bikes, and maybe stash a few tools. However, the size of the space provides the opportunity to create storage space and reduce clutter in your basement, shed, and house. These simple garage storage solutions will help you make better use of your garage as a functional storage space.

Using Walls and Ceilings for Garage Storage Solutions

Your garage probably has lots of overhead room that is underutilized. The space above your vehicles can store items without taking up floor space. Install specialized shelving to hold seldom-used or seasonal items, like holiday decor or kayaks. Wall shelves provide easy-to-access space for long-term storage. Baskets or buckets of children’s toys can hang from hooks on the wall and you might install pegboard to hold tools or craft supplies.

Floor Space for Storage

Store several boxes or containers beneath the steps leading into the house. A wheeled storage bin might be filled with shoes or sports equipment and rolled in and out of this area. Add a simple plywood door to close the space. Store heavy items like paint cans or tools under a workbench. The key to creating great garage storage solutions is to find these hidden areas that can be used.

Shortcuts for Garage Storage Solutions

Create spaces that offer more convenient storage for your belongings. Heavy, shelf-stable grocery items like cartons of soda can be put directly into a pantry in the garage. It’s simple to install cabinetry. Add a workbench or desk underneath and you’ll have space to work and to store supplies. Use a pulley system to suspend bicycles from the ceiling. Install corner shelving to create even more room for storage.

A garage provides convenient storage space for tools and toys without bringing a mess into your living areas. These simple garage storage solutions will help you plan better ways to use your garage space.

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