Serious Issues to Fix Before Selling Your Home

It’s difficult to sell a home that has serious issues. Most homebuyers don’t want to deal with major problems like a failing roof or mold infestation right after they move into their new home. It’s best to fix serious issues before selling your home. Here are 5 things to address before putting your home on the market.


A failing roof puts all the other components of your home at risk. The roof is meant to protect the ceilings, walls, siding, and everything inside the house from rain and wind. A roof that is leaking or has extended past the end of its lifespan will raise a red flag to a potential buyer. If you haven’t fixed or replaced a compromised roof, it will be difficult to sell without facing renegotiations from a buyer. Get the roof in pristine shape before trying to sell your home.

Fix Water Damage Before Selling Your Home

Water is incredibly destructive to a house when it ends up in the wrong places. It causes structural rot, mold, and warped materials. If your home has flooded or suffered a major leak, you can assume that there is some leftover water damage if it was never addressed. Also, a pre-listing inspection may reveal water damage that you didn’t know existed. Many buyers will not even consider buying a house if their inspection reveals water damage. For success selling your home, get water damage removed and repaired.


It’s common for water damage and mold to come hand-in-hand. One of the biggest telltale signs of mold is its distinctive smell. On a buyer’s initial tour of the home, the smell of mold will likely make them lose interest immediately. If there are signs of mold in the home, like the odor, appearance, or health symptoms, have a certified mold inspector evaluate your home and test for mold.

Structural Issues

Structural problems may stem from water damage, termite damage, roof problems, or improper construction. Unfortunately, they are generally expensive to get to the bottom of and fix. You don’t want an inspection to reveal structural problems in the home you are trying to sell, so if possible, fix them first. Otherwise, you’ll face pressure to lower the price significantly in order to sell the home.

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