House fires can cause loss of property and life. Preventing fires at home and knowing how to deal with one that starts is essential. Here are 5 fire safety tips.

Make Sure Smoke Detectors are in Good Working Order

Smoke detectors are your first line of defense against a house fire. There are many reasons why a smoke detector might not be functioning properly. The batteries may be dead, the device could be at the end of its lifespan, or there could be a wiring problem. Press the test button on the devices monthly to make sure it sounds.

If you can’t remember when you last replaced your detectors, it’s probably time to invest in new units. Have an electrician install smoke detectors that are all interconnected. This way if one detects smoke, they will all sound an alarm.

Use Smart Home Technology for Fire Safety

With smart home features, you can link your smoke detectors to an app on your phone. If a fire starts and no one is around to hear the alarm, you might be facing a total loss.

With smart home technology, the app will notify you if the detector sounds so you can alert the fire department even though you are away from home. A timely emergency response can help minimize the damage to your home.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most common room for a fire to start. Keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible part of the kitchen, like the cabinet under the sink. Choose the A-B-C type, which can put out multiple types of fires.

Plan Escape Routes

Each room should have two escape routes in case of fire. Usually, the exits are through doors or windows. This means you’ll need ladders for second-story windows. Emergency ladders fasten to the window ledge and roll down to the ground. Most have non-slip rungs so that you can safely escape. Practice using a fire ladder so you are comfortable with it in an emergency.

Prevent Fire Safety Hazards

Several hazards around the home could cause a fire, like electrical malfunctions, cooking mishaps, tipped over candles, cigarettes, and faulty extension cords. Prevent fires by:

  • Not leaving cooking unattended
  • Addressing signs of electrical problems
  • Blowing out candles when you leave a room
  • Not smoking inside
  • Inspecting extension cords and only using them if they are in good condition

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