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  • New Construction Home Inspection
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • 11-Month Builders Warranty Inspection
  • Re-evaluation After Seller Repairs
  • Mold Assessment
  • Post Mold Remediation Evaluations
  • Radon Testing
  • Post Radon Mitigation Radon Testing



This service will alert you to visible deficiencies in the plumbing, electrical, structural, and HVAC systems includes a two-car attached or detached garage. Exceeds the minimum home inspection standards set by Virginia by including the following: 1. A Certified Thermal Image Scan of the walls, ceiling, and electrical panels. 2.  A Certified Visual Mold Assessment. 3. Documentation of maintenance and upgrade discoveries. Fees are based upon finished square footage as listed on Zillow or


This service focuses on water intrusion and visible mold growth. The interior of the property will be visually evaluated for mold growth, the evaluation will include, when accessible and applicable attics, basements, and crawlspaces. The plumbing system will be evaluated for water leaks and the accessible areas of the HVAC system will be evaluated for visible mold growth. Includes the Mold Assessment Report and Mold Remediation or Sanitization Protocols, the collections of six samples, and a thermal scan. All collected information and our determination are delivered five business days starting the day after collection. Additional samples are $35.00 per sample.

11-Month Builders Warranty Inspection

This inspection will assist you in providing your builder with a list of repairs before your 12-month builder’s warranty ends. This service is just like home inspection but includes documentation of nail pops and settlement cracks.


Radon test and analysis conducted by AARST-NRPP certified radon testers. The continuous monitor testing device will be placed in the home for a minimum of 60 hours. Results are delivered at the end of the testing period.


The collection of six mold samples during a property inspection. Includes a Mold Assessment Report and Mold Remediation or Sanitization Protocols. Information is delivered five business days starting the day after collection. Protocols Additional samples are $35.00 each.


Select: Add A Radon Test and Add A Mold Test from the service list and select BUNDLE SAVINGS.


A visual evaluation of the framing, rough-in electrical, rough-in plumbing, and rough-in HVAC system. A visual evaluation of the wall sheathing and house wrap, flashing, and installed roofing. Decks, attachments, windows, and doors will be evaluated if installed at the time of inspection. The evaluation will include documentation of any visible mold-like substances.