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Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks Get on schedule with your favorite heating and air conditioning company, and have your system serviced before you turn on your heat. Check windows and doors on the exterior for peeling paint and cracked caulked. Vinyl windows...

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Winter Home Maintenance Tasks

Winter Home Maintenance Tasks Inspect interior caulking and touch-up or replace where needed. Pay close attention where the tub and floor meet and where the tub and tile meet. Check the attic for leaks, check the insulation, look for blocked...

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AFCI’s Verses GFCI’S

AFCI’S VERSES GFCI’S UNGROUNDED OUTLETS If you own, rent or are planning to purchase an older home then you have heard plenty of stories around ungrounded electrical systems and outlets. One of those stories is the high cost of updating the branch circuits...

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What Can I Do To Stop Mold Growth

What Can I Do To Stop Mold Growth Control the moisture. If your bathroom fan does not operate with the light switch, remember to turn it on when you take a shower. If you do not have a bathroom fan then open a window, the top sash is best...

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Black Mold Health Effects

What are the heath effects of Mold? Black mold, black mold, black mold. That is all we here but there are several different molds that are black in color and while their health effects are uncomfortable they are not deadly. Every time we...

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How does mold grow?

How does Mold grow? As mentioned before mold needs four things to grow or produce spores. A food source, such as drywall, wood, fabrics, dead plants or any organic material. Mold requires the right temperature, right moisture content and spores...

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What Is Mold

What is Mold? Mold is a naturally occurring living organism and it can be found in virtually every environment. It grows when the humidity is 60% or higher, there is a substance to eat (like drywall), the temperature is between 40 and 100...

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