4 Steps to Prepare Your Fireplace for Use

As winter approaches, gathering by a warm fire might seem like the perfect way to spend an evening. However, a fireplace should never be used for the first time without taking some precautions first. Here are 4 steps to prepare your fireplace for use. The Parts of the...

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Infrared Thermal Imaging In Home Inspections

You have likely come across the term thermal imaging, especially if you're in the market for a new house. Thermal imaging is a tool that some home inspectors use during home inspections. This technology offers deeper insight into the home inspection by showing...

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Tips for Creating Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is not good for you or your family's health. Breathing in particles that come from pet dander, dust, pollen, pollution, mold spores, and chemicals may make you sick. If your indoor air is polluted, it can affect your nasal passages, allergies,...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool for Less During the Summer

As summer temperatures rise, so do utility bills as most of us choose to run our air conditioners more often. We have five pieces of advice to keep your air conditioning costs lower than they otherwise would be. Whether it's basic maintenance or strategic positioning...

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Top 3 Home Inspection Tips for Home Buyers

Your home inspector plays a crucial role in a successful real estate transaction. If you think of your home inspector as a partner in your home-buying experience, he or she could save the day and help you end up with the home you want. The prospect of getting a home...

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Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks Get on schedule with your favorite heating and air conditioning company, and have your system serviced before you turn on your heat. Check windows and doors on the exterior for peeling paint and cracked caulked. Vinyl windows...

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