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Additional Services and Associated Fees

The home inspection includes an attached or detached two car garage. It does not include storage buildings of any size, additional garages, mold or radon testing.

Listed fees are subject to change without notice.

Property Inspection Description

The base property inspection fee is for a property of 2500 square feet or less. Larger properties, additioanl services and travel distance will include an additional fee. The inspection includes an attached or detached two-car garage. Our Gold and Platinum Packages include a certified thermal scan, a certified visual mold evaluation and documentaion of typical home maintenance and upgrade items discovered during the home inspection. Additional services such as a radon test, mold testing are not included in our Brozne of Gold Packages. An elevation of additional garages or other buildings of any size will incur additional fees. No documentation will be conducted unless an additional fee has been paid.

Condo Inspection

A condo inspection does not include the exterior, attic or crawlspace as most times these areas are maintained by an HOA. If you wish to have these areas evaluated contact us before the inspection and ensure access to the attic or crawlspace. The inspection does include a certified thermal scan and (a certified visual mold evaluation unless you choose not to have it conducted.) It does not include a radon test, an elevation of additional garages or other buildings of any size. No documentation will be conducted unless the service has been added.

Limited Mold and Moisture Survey

This service focuses on water intrusion and visible mold growth. The exterior of the property is evaluated for areas and items than can contribute to or cause water intrusion. The interior of the property will be visually evaluated for mold growth, the evaluation will include, when accessible and applicable attics, basements and crawlspaces. The plumbing system is evaluated for water leaks and the accessible areas of the HVAC system are evaluated for visible growth. The service includes the collection of three samples and a thermal scan. Additional samples are $35.00 per sample.

Certified Visual Mold Growth Survey (No Sampling)

The standard home inspection includes a visual non-invasive evaluation for mold growth or mold-like substances unless you choose not to have the service preformed. The visually inspected areas include the attic, crawlspace, HAVC system air handler and visible sections of the associated ducting,  (not the interior of the ducting) and all visible areas and surfaces of interior of the property. This does not include sample collection. Sample collection recommendations will be provided at the end of the evaluation. Under the right conditions mold can present within 24 hours.

Thermal Imagery

Certified Thermal Imagery is included with the standard home inspection service. This can alert you to issue not visible by human eyesight, such as hidden moisture intrusion, hidden water leaks, hidden electrical issues and lack of insulation. 

Add Growth Sampling

The collection of three samples can be added to your home inspection. The listed collection and survey fees will increase if not conducted at the time of inspection. The collection cost is $275.00 when collected at the time of inspection. There is $175.00 fee to return at a later date no less than two weeks after the intiial inspection. The fee is $450.00 after two weeks. Additional samples are charged a fee of $35.00 per sample. Samples are sent to an Americian Insdustrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited lab for evaluation. Results are typically available within five business days.

Add Radon Test

The EPA states that all homes regardless of age or foundation type should be tested for high levels of radon, a gas that causes lung cancer. Radon testing and analyzing are conducted by ARRST-NRPP certified radon testers.  The continuous monitor testing device will be placed in the home for a minimum of 60 hours. Results are delivered at the end of the testing period. Fee $100.00 -$125.00

Add Radon in Water Testing

The collection of two vials of tap water. The vials will be sent to an accredited lab for evaluation. Results are typically available within five business days. Fee: $100.00

Add an Additional Garage or Storage Building

The standard inspection includes an attached or detached two car garage. Additional garages, storage building, and other structures can be inspected for an additional fee. The type, size, and amities will determine the cost. Fee $35.00 to $175.00

Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint

Aztec Home Services does not hold a license to conduct asbestos or lead paint testing.

If you are concerned and want to know if the home, you are purchasing contains lead paint or asbestos and wish to have the home evaluated please follow these links.

EPA Asbestos

EPA Lead Paint

Find a licensed Asbestos or Lead Paint Inspector Department Of Professional and Occupational Regulations

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